The Venice Glass week 2017

Final checklist: 25,000 freshly printed maps Posters all over Venice Final press conference How could we possibly keep calm? Only 2 days to go!!

Summer holidays 2017

Our office will be closed for  Summer  holidays from the 7th August to the 1st  of September 2017.

The Venice Glass Week 2017

The  Gambaro & Tagliapietra Srl  also partecipate to THE VENICE GLASS WEEK  2017. The Organizing Comitee has unveiled the contents of this first edition, which will include all major institutions

Pilchuck glass school

We are happy about our participation to this beautiful project, thanks to LagunaB and Pilchuck glass school. Good luck to Aya Oki and Andy Paiko for the continuation of their

Carnival of Venice 2017

I'm very proud of my participation to the Venice Carnival 2017 for one of the glass working demonstrations. Never before had it been possible to work in such a prestigious place! 

The new Website is online!

We are pleased to present our New Responsive WebSite, where you can find our best artworks. Come and see the new website, we are waiting for you!